Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Fouad WhatsApp v7.36 Bug Fixed Version Download Now

Fouad WhatsApp Latest Version v7.36

♦️ [Fixed] Bugs reported in older version

♦️ [Fixed] Some ticks,bubbles

♦️ [Added] 2 New Entry Style ( Hello Kity Entry,Paper Entry )

♦️ [] Other bugs fixes and Improvements

#Exclusive |
🔶Contact Picture OUTSIDE message bubble (see groups)!

🔶 Added YoWA Widget
Control Online/offline, unread messages, profile pic, quick access to YoMods!

🔶 Added 6 New Entries Style

🔸Speed improvements and bug fixes

🔸 Lots of new features to discover!!

🔺 Whats News in 7.36

• [Base Update] 2.18.9 - Play Store
• [SUPER-EXCLUSIVE] Contact Picture Outside message bubble (Options 3.4)!
• [Added-FINALLY] YoWA Widget! (Last Seen On/Off, unread messages count, and more!!)
• [Added] Option to put contact pic Inside bubble (3.4.2)
• [Added] 6 New Entries Style
• [Fixed] The Launcher Icons Size
• [Added] Selected Tab Underline color (option 2.1.9)
• [Added] Line color between chats in Main Screen (option 2.1.10)
• [Added] Date Pending Message color in Main Screen (option 2.1.11)
• [Added] Date Color in Main Screen (option 2.1.12)
• [Added] Mention color in Main Screen (option 2.1.13)
• [Added] Documents Text Color in Chat Screen (option 3.1.32)
• [Added] Mention color in Chat Screen (option 3.1.33)
• [Added] Voice note play button color (option 3.1.34)
• [Added] Forward icon color (option 3.1.25)
• [Added] Forward background color (options 3.1.26)
• [Added] Participants Color (Option 3.1.32)
• [Added] "New Call" FAB in Calls Screen
• [Added] Widget preview while coloring (Option 8)!
• [Added] Widget Background Color (Option 8.0.0)
• [Added] Widget Contact Name Text Color (Option 8.0.1)
• [Added] Widget Status/Unread Message Text Color (Option 8.0.2)
• [Added] Indonesian language to In-Convo translation
• [Improved] Hide Media From gallery (Option 7)
• [Improved] Hide dividers (Option 2.3.5), now works in all screens (home, status, calls, contacts..)
• [Fixed] More fixes for icon counter (badge)
• [Fixed] End Call hang in some phones
• [Fixed] Bugs reported in older version

• [] Other bugs fixes and Improvements 


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Without Emoji Changer [apk size 38 MB]

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Download Now [com.fmwhatsapp]

Download Now [com.gbwhatsapp]

With Emoji Changer [apk size 51 MB]

Download Now [com.whatsapp]

Download Now [com.fmwhatsapp]

Download Now [com.gbwhatsapp]